Service & Maintenance

24-Hour Service

Northeast Ohio experiences some of the most unpredictable, destructive weather extremes in the country – violent storms, high winds and destructive hail all take their toll on buildings and roofing.

Roof Rite provides 24-hour, immediate response emergency services to help property owners and managers limit potential damage.

And, of course, for issues such as leaks, the Roof Rite repair team will have you patched up quickly, limiting damage to both structure and contents.

Preventative Maintenance

Protecting a Major Investment


The Roof Rite Preventative Maintenance Program can eliminate the need for costly repairs due to neglect or improper upkeep. Any commercial roof is a major investment. Protecting that investment with a little proactive maintenance could mean the difference between a profitable year and one less profitable.

What can a Roof Rite Maintenance Program do for your company? Here are the two most important benefits:

  1. It will increase the service life of your roof by as much as 50%.
  2. It will significantly reduce roof-related expenses.


Free Inspection

Before you make the investment of replacing your leaky roof, let Roof Rite inspect it free. Often it can be replaced over an extended period, allowing the cost to be stretched out as well.


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