Snow & Ice Prevention

Ice and Snow near water

Ready To Combat an Ohio Winter

Here in Ohio, snow and ice are an ongoing problem – especially for commercial building owners and managers. Preventing roof edges, downspouts and gutters from freezing is the job of Roof Rite’s Thermal Management Division.

Our custom-designed heat tracing systems are superior to other products available due to sensor-controlled energy reduction for when the system is not in demand. Each system is uniquely engineered for your specific ice and snow problem, leading to tremendous savings on your electric bill. Where heat tracing can be used:

Our Heat Tracing System Can Be Used On:

Roof Edges and Gutters


Pet Kennels or Stalls

Outdoor Walkways or Steps

Outdoor Drains

And More...

Temperature Management

When heat escapes through the roof of your building snow and ice will melt and then freeze due to outside temperatures. This can result in damage to roofs, shingles, and eaves. Additionally, pooling water can leak into the building’s interior resulting in damage to walls and ceilings. Roof Rite’s “de-icing” experts can design and install the perfect system that will prevent dams and control icicles while keeping water flowing through your gutters and pipes.

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