Solar Panel Systems

There is no better time than right now to Go Solar with Roof Rite.


Solar from Roof Rite – We’ve mastered the details!

Increasingly, businesses across the country are making the switch to solar. Why? They like the efficiency and love the savings! Solar establishes the fact that you are committed to a cleaner, greener environment – your business will stand out. Go Green and Get Off the Grid. Solar takes you off the grid, protecting you from its price volatility and service disruptions. Contact a Roof Rite solar panel consultant today for a no-cost assessment.

Each Roof Rite solar panel system is engineered specifically for your building type, need, and requirements. Ground mount solar panel systems are also available.

Solar Panels on your Building’s Top Create a Better Bottom Line. The Financial Benefits of Roof Rite Solar Begin on the First Day of Installation!   

  1. 30% tax credit on day one of install.
  2. Escalated depreciation on taxes. The project can be depreciated on taxes in first 5 years per IRS tax schedule.
  3. A large portion of roof cost can be included in project and fall under the same tax benefits if done properly and to the specification of tax codes.
  4. The roof can be paid for by a combination of tax benefits and electricity production.
  5. Financing on entire project (Roof and Solar) available at reasonable rates with long payback terms.
  6. Many times the solar portion is paying for itself in less than 3 years when the financial model includes roof costs
  7. Roof and the entire project is paid for from benefits and electric production many times before financing term is up.
  8. PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) also available with enough electric usage. (3rd party funds and installs solar panel system onsite for the customer. Customer pays a fixed rate for electricity to PPA holder. The benefit for some is to be able to take their facility to a “green” status without the investment. Another benefit is that the customer can lock in a long-term rate on electric and avoid any increases.)

Limited time on this program as the benefits have an expiration date.


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